Mechanical Engineering Freshers

Mechanical Engineering fresher to Design engineer job in a core product company

Mechanical Engineering fresher to the Product Design engineer.

It’s a dream of most Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering graduates is to get a Design Engineer job in a very well-known Automotive, Consumer Products, Aerospace, and other Industrial & Medical products brands like Mercedes, Audi, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo, etc.. For some would like to take up the journey of Entrepreneurship, In which case a hands-on experience in product design in a big company for a couple of years gives good confidence and knowledge in starting an entrepreneurship journey. Now the question is how to get a job as a design engineer in such a big companies. I too had the same question in my mind 14 years before when I was of your age in college. After working in multiple companies and Involved in design and development of hundreds of products, I’m here to get you what are the skills required to be a design engineers, Why it is required, use cases, what do we do as design engineers in a MNC.

What is Product Design?

Every product is of either single part or made of assembly of multiple parts. Each part takes different form, Fit and functionality and material of construction. Together when they forms as a product creates some value to the user and serves its purpose for which it’s made. Product design is a process or methodology involving various steps, tools, skills, technology to arrive at the final product that serves the basic requirements of the customer, that is simple to use, and lasts for long, lower cost to manufacture.

How to become Product Design Engineer?

A Designer engineer should know all the steps involved in a new product development and should very well know about commonly available industrial materials (metals – Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Sheet metals & Plate, tubes, pipes etc.. Plastics – ABS, Nylon, Poly propylene, PVC, Acrylic, Composite plastics etc..) , How each of this material is used to make parts of different shapes and manufacturing methods, use case of each of materials, it’s physical and chemical properties. Standard components available on market and it’s selection, Dimensioning and drawing creation, GD&T, Tools and die design, Inspection & QC, Testing, packing, handling , assembly and Installation etc..

When you are well-versed in above skills, then getting into your dream design engineer job is not that tough anymore. I will help you to understand each of the skill set required, Design and Analysis tools and make you find a career as Design Engineer in a core product company.

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